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WARNING!! If you receive a call about your debit card, please be careful. There have been a significant number of attempts to contact individuals for debit card information. These calls begin with a notification that the card has been deactivated, compromised, or has some other issue. The bank's debit card Fraud Service will identify themselves. They will ask the agreed up on security question and verify charges. They will not request personal or bank information. If you are not sure about the call, hang up and call the Brunswick State Bank.

Brunswick State Bank does not contact customers by text message or e-mail concerning accounts or debit cards.  If you are contacted by text message or e-mail about your account or debit card, please call the bank at 402-842-2435.  Do not contact a number or link provided in the message.

You may have heard about the Heartbleed Internet Bug that has caused some websites to be vulnerable to hackers. Brunswick State Bank has tested our systems and your information is secure. If you have any concerns about the information on your computer, it is suggested that you change your passwords . More information can be found at:  http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected, by copying and pasting to your internet browser. Brunswick State Bank is offering the link for your convenience. Brunswick State Bank has no responsibility for any external web site. We cannot warranty, express or implied, any external site.



Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a convenient and secure way for businesses to process check deposits.  The system can be set up in the business office or in a home office using most current computer and internet capabilities.  A representative of the Brunswick State Bank will help set up the system and guide the individual responsible for operating the system through the easy process.  The bank supplies and maintains the scanning equipment, provides the software, and trains the operators.  How easy is that?!

Remote Deposit capture not only saves time and money, but it is secure as well.  Checks do not need to leave the business and business personnel do not need to leave the business site.  The system provides opportunities to verify which checks have been processed and the total deposits.  Processed checks can even be saved in the system to be viewed later if necessary.  Fees may vary according to the services provided.  A brochure is available with an expanation of the features available.

Contact the Brunswick State Bank for details.  One of our RDC representatives would be happy to answer your questions and discuss the options available.  Let us show you how RDC can save time and money for your business.  We would be happy to help!